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of 1800 & Floga

History of Oia 1800 and Floga Restaurants in Santorini Greece - Restaurants in Santorini

This luxury mansion was built around 1845 and is somehow interwoven with the history of Oia. At that time Oia, homeland of several shipowners, was flourishing and was developing into the largest commercial port in the Cycladic cluster.

The building is a typical Santorinian captain’s house and was inhabited by Captain I. Sarris and his family. It experienced glorious days until 1956, when it was deserted because of an earthquake.

In 1986, the architect-renovator Ioannis Zaggelidis undertook the restoration and renovation of the mansion. When he became acquainted with the style and the unique features of the building, he came up with the idea of converting the mansion into a new, Greek restaurant in Oia, Santorini Greece, which he named “1800”. He is now the proud owner and host of the restaurant.

The tour of the mansion begins from the two living rooms, where distinctive cross vaults can be seen. Most of its original features, such as its colors and its impressive furniture, have been preserved during the renovation: antique Santorinian sofas made of walnut wood, a mirror with a golden-plaster motif, carved curtain rails, a Venetian bed with a hand-painted baldachin and engravings the captain brought from Russia. In the entrance of the mansion you can see the captain’s wooden travel chest, bearing his name “Ioannis Sarris - 1849” carved onto it, reminiscent of the ones sailors used to take on their journeys.

The Setting of 1800-Floga Today

Our restaurant used to be the first traditional bakery of Ia. It supplied with bread and other desserts Ia, Finikia and some other villages of Santorini. The daily production of bread was about 300 kilos and they used to carry it either with donkeys nor by hand. The bakery was a family business so it was operated and owned by our family. Our grand father Granpa-John and his 6 children worked in the bakery. They started the preparation of the bread at 3 a.m. as everything had to be done manually.

They had to carry the water, the flour, prepare the yeast (which was homemade), knead and bake the bread. In our establishment you can admire the oven they used as it is preserved till today. This was a professional oven as it was built with a special rock which is called maltezopetra and it does not exist any more. This rock had the ability to keep a steady temperature into the oven for 3 hours so they were able to bake the bread evenly.

The procedure of the oven was the first that they used to do. They staffed the oven with wood which was given to them by the farmers of Finikia , they setted the fire and close the lid of the oven. When the wood was ashes the oven was ready to bake. Then they cleaned him thoroughly from the ashes and they threw them next to a deep hole, which they called carbon fiber and is still preserved in the restaurant. And finally they baked bread or whatever they wanted.

Our restaurant is called also Floga as a tribute to our ancestors


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