Gourmet Greek dish by the chef of 1800 Restaurant in Santorini
Gourmet Greek dish by the chef of 1800 Restaurant in Santorini
Mediterranean cuisine by the chef of 1800 Restaurant in Santorini


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At the “1800” Restaurant -awarded with two “Golden Chef's Hat” best restaurant awards in 2005 and 2007- you will relish creative traditional Greek dishes with Mediterranean inflections making even the most demanding palate yield to the temptation of the chef’s distinctive creations full of color, brilliance and imagination.

The “1800” Restaurant in Santorini is considered one of the most ingenious restaurants in Oia (Ia) Santorini, as our talented chef smartly applies his high aesthetics and skills on supreme traditional products of Santorini, Greece and the Mediterranean countries coming up with the most scrumptious dishes you have ever tasted. From the starters to the salads, the main courses and the desserts, best quality ingredients are used that treat you to a unique culinary experience in Santorini.

The dishes are presented in an asymmetrical fashion, every plate resembling a canvas, painted by the chef, who mixes colourful ingredients to create numerous different flavors.

The tables are adorned with sugar-white tablecloths, china and crystal glowing under the candlelight. The fine aroma of the exquisite Greek and international dishes harmoniously blends with the smell of the island breeze, making your dinner an unforgettable experience in one of the best restaurants in Santorini Greece.

The “1800” Restaurant is nowadays a leading Oia, Santorini restaurant and has been receiving the best reviews by food connoisseurs of both Greek and foreign magazines, beckoning you to make it your number one dining option in Santorini.


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1800-Floga Restaurant

Oia (Ia), 84702, Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Tel. +30 22860 71485 or +30 22860 71800 or +30 22860 71152
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E-mail: info@oia-1800.com