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Rare Greek Books about Santorini Island History and Culture in Santorini Greece

At the “1800” Restaurant in Oia Santorini, not only are you offered an enjoyable meal, but also the chance to get acquainted with the local culture of Santorini.

The aim of the owner and his colleagues is to familiarize its guests with the customs and traditions of Santorini and the Aegean Area in general.

For this reason, the “1800” Restaurant in Oia offers a library including rare editions about Santorini and other islands in the Aegean, in many different languages, such as:

  • Roussou – Markos, (1979) Santorini:
    “Mores - Tradition”, Athens.
  • Kolimva, Kadio:
    “The Upper World”, Armos, Athens.
  • Dountsi, Athena, Santorini:
    “And the sea gave birth to the land”, Topio publications.
  • Nelly's Santorini 1925-1930, (2001):
    “Archive of Santorian Studies”, Dimitris Tsitouras Collection, Athens.
  • Aumuller, Paul J., (1998):
    “Fascinating Santorini”, Aumuller, Germany.
  • Friedrich, Walter L., (2001):
    “Fire in the Sea: The Santorini Volcano: Natural History and the Legend of Atlantis”, Cambridge University Press, London.
  • George Meis, (2003):
    “Thira or Santorini – Born of ash”, Meis Studio, Athens.

Printed information about current cultural events on Santorini is provided at the entrance of the “1800” Oia Restaurant.

The melodies that accompany your dinner have been selected from classical, new age, film soundtracks and jazz repertoires.


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